An Affordable Electronic Health Record Software!

Flex Data Solutions, Inc. (FlexDSi), a Partner in Ministry with UMA, has announced a new product “Flex Edge™” that is a derivation of their years of experience in developing customized electronic health care (EHR) records for health and human service (HHS) organizations. According to CEO Mark Hopper, Ph.D., ACSW, all the critical functions that these agencies identified as requirements to fully drive their services were “packaged” into the Flex Edge™ application. As opposed to the usual five figure cost and months of development time required of customizing an application, Flex Edge™ can be installed for new user organizations in many cases on the same day it is purchased. Hopper stated that because some of the organizations for whom FlexDSi had developed a custom record were COA, JCAHO or CARF certified the same stringent data requirements they needed to track compliance for these certifying organization are built into Flex Edge™. Hopper stated that “we realized the IT needs of HHS organizations were extremely dynamic as well as highly regulated and that precluded a static “one size fits all” approach of “packaged applications.” Therefore, though Flex Edge™ is installed as a package rather than a customized application, it can be customized as needed quickly in real time with no requirement to shut down. In essence it becomes a custom application unique to each organization’s needs. As it is used, the intuitive nature of Flex Edge™ detects what changes might be needed to keep it relevant to agency dynamics and “user friendly” while keeping the organizational IT requirements current.

FlexDSi has agreed, in furtherance of its position as a partner to UMA members missions, to install Flex Edge™ at with no initial installation charge to UMA members and Methodist associated organizations. Further information can be obtained through e-mailing or by calling (760) 720-2292 or (253) 631-0529.