Asbury Makes Dream Come True

On a frequent basis, we’re reminded what “Anticipate More” and “Doing All the Good We Can” look like in our communities.  Recently, Bethany Village resident Bobby Williams got to go trout fishing at a nearby creek, all because someone asked him the question “Is there something you’d like to do that you’re not doing?”  A few weeks later, on a sunny May afternoon, Bobby found himself casting a line over and over and over again, enjoying something he’d missed for a long time.

This is a testament not only to Asbury and Bethany Village, but more specifically to the individuals who make this happen.  In this case, kudos to Susan Crossley and her team at BV, and to the folks at Trout Unlimited who stocked the creek and provided waders for Bobby and those involved. And thanks also to Cathy Canning and Cheryl Slavinsky from Varsity for helping bring this story to life!

Visit the link bellows to see Asbury in action!