Board of Child Care Helps Central American Refugees

In 2012 the Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) asked BCC President and CEO Tom Curcio if they could serve a new population of youth that needed short-term care. Starting last month, the agency entered into a partnership with ORR and is now providing care and support for fifty boys between the ages of nine and eighteen.

“It is a testament to BCC’s reputation for excellence,” said Curcio on reflection of that phone call, “that we are being sought out for this type of care. I am proud to see our program reach expanding to youth who in God’s eyes are all equal, no matter where they call home in this world.”

Most of these children have come to the U.S. from Central America without a guardian, and are under the temporary custody of the federal government until a family member within this country can be located. BCC will care for each child on a short-term basis. During their stay they will receive medical treatment, English lessons, counseling, and spiritual programing.

As it has done for every program in its history, BCC will operate and provide the highest level of care possible for the children entrusted in its care, regardless of what circumstances brought them to our doorstep.

—This article was adapted from the Board of Child Care’s newsletter, Keywords.