EAGLE Launched Peer Partnership Pilot Program

EAGLE Commissioner and Asbury COO Sue DaCamara, announced plans for an EAGLE Peer Partnership Pilot program during the May UMA Annual Conference.

“We are incredibly excited to offer interested communities this strong collegial expertise to support as a way to guide them on the path to EAGLE,” said DaCamara.

The new UMA strategic plan, adopted in 2016, strives to support all faith-based communities on the path to EAGLE excellence. To help organizations who see the process as daunting, the UMA pilot program is designed to help organizations feel more comfortable beginning the accreditation process.

The program is titled “On the Path to EAGLE.” Each participating organization will be assigned a peer partner, which is an EAGLE Accredited organization who has completed two cycles of accreditation since from 2010 until now

Together, Peer Partners will work towards meeting the EAGLE Standards for a particular topic or need such as governance, philanthropy or spiritual wellness. EAGLE peer partners would be available for up to 3 hours per topic.

Anyone interested in applying for this valuable the peer consultation, please contact Ginny Smith at gsmith@ouruma.org, or Download your application now.