EAGLE Update

For several years now, our EAGLE accreditation process has been undergoing a transformation, with a re-write of the standards and several pilot versions before arriving at our “final” EAGLE standards.  We have an excellent product built around quality standards and accountability.  That expectation of accountability continues throughout the accreditation period, with annual updates and reports reviewed and approved by the EAGLE Commission.

As a commission, part of our responsibility is to hold the EAGLE process to the same standards that we expect of our accredited agencies. To that end, at its recent meeting the EAGLE Commission made a decision to send notices to a group of agencies that, after several contacts, have not submitted their required annual reports. The notices indicate that their EAGLE accreditations are suspended until such time as they submit the necessary reports and supporting documentation. If the documentation is not received within 60 days, their accreditation will be revoked. The Commission felt this step was necessary to ensure that all agencies that publicize having EAGLE continue to meet the quality standards represented by the accreditation.

The Commission is also reviewing a number of our internal processes, with a goal of strengthening our EAGLE operating capacity to provide a solid, consistent experience for both our reviewers and the agencies being reviewed. A large number of agencies are scheduled for re-accreditation in the next 12 – 18 months. If you or a member of your staff has been trained as a peer reviewer for the “new” EAGLE, you can expect to be hearing from us soon regarding the possibility of serving on a review team.

This is an exciting time for EAGLE as we continue to build on our commitment to recognizing quality in human service ministries. Look for additional updates on items the Commission is considering as we continue on our quest for excellence.

–by Debbie Reed, EAGLE Commission Chair