Family Teacher Couple

Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home

Lebanon, IN

Family Teacher Couple

Job Location: Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home – Lebanon, IN
Position Type: Full-Time
$112,000 annual per couple, paid housing/expenses

The Family Teacher Couple is responsible for providing a therapeutic family-style treatment environment for the youth as defined by the Teaching Family Model Standards and Code of Ethics and Indiana Administrative Code Licensing Rules and Accreditation Requirements . The Family Teacher Couple will be responsible for teaching sound social, academic, and independent living skills using specific Teaching Family Model teaching procedures and prescribed motivation systems to promote positive behavior change based on the youth’s individualized behavior management plans.

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Instrumental in decision-making regarding each individual youth’s placement, construction of treatment goals, identification of youth’s specific needs, day-to-day care, transfer, and/or termination. Family Teacher Couples are responsible for working with Assistant Family Teachers, agency personnel, therapists, parents, and other relevant parties under the direction of their immediate supervisor.
  • Maintain and document regular communication with parents, caseworkers, teachers, agency personnel, and others who are directly or indirectly involved with the youth’s treatment and care.
  • Responsible for decisions and planning regarding household purchases, projects, and activities within the budget allocated to them. Family Teachers are responsible for the financial recordkeeping in a manner that can be validated relevant to their household budget, including, but not limited to: keeping all receipts of purchases and balancing the house accounts (savings, checking and petty cash).
  • Create an environment of “no restraint” youth empowerment. Family Teachers will be proficient in identifying and implementing appropriate verbal de-escalation techniques as trained in the Teaching Family pre-service workshop and/or prescribed in the individualized behavior support plans to reduce/eliminate need for physical restraint.
  • Model and teach youth general social skills, self-care (i.e. personal hygiene to include bathing, brushing teeth, grooming, and care of clothing/personal belongings) and self-maintenance (i.e. room care, household chores, meal preparation). Under the supervision of the Director of Residential Services, Family Teachers will also be involved in assisting youth in the development of individualized behavior support plans that facilitate a positive discharge.
  • Establish and maintain meaningful positive relationships through the use of quality components (i.e. pleasant, warm, supportive, non-verbal demeanor and voice tone).
  • Provide a daily structured routine which includes extra-curricular activities in and outside of the home (i.e. school, campus, and community events) to promote healthy habits based on youth’s developmental needs. This may include transporting residents to school, appointments, home visits, and emergency visits as needed.
  • Uphold professional relationships with caseworkers, teachers, principals, parents, probation officers, or guardian ad items who are directly and/or indirectly involved with the youth in placement to facilitate a positive discharge.
  • Implement the Teaching Family Model as trained, consulted, and evaluated with the intent of achieving certification within two years of their initial Teaching Family Model pre-service workshop training.
  • Construct and adhere to daily menus. Purchase an appropriate quantity and quality of food for the home’ s use. Basic nutritional requirements should be followed in relation to each meal prepared.
  • Administer medications according to agency policy. Document and maintain accurate medication logs.
  • Submit all required paperwork on time and in a complete and organized condition, meeting or exceeding all licensing requirements (including individualized behavior management plans, monthly progress notes and logs, budgets and other documents as assigned).
  • Report any repairs needed in the facility and/or assigned agency vehicles.
  • Act as role models for the youth and adhere to local values and morals at all times. Must be willing to follow all applicable rules set for the youth, including but not limited to: appropriate standards in dress, restricting tobacco use, appropriate manners and courtesies, obeying the law, controlling conduct/anger, avoiding gossip, respecting authority, and fair treatment.
  • live in the living quarters provided by Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home. Responsible for the coverage of the home regarding supervision in the absence of a qualified alternate Family Teacher, floater, or substitute.
  • Develop the home work schedule with the Assistant Family Teacher for approval by the Director of Residential Services.
  • Coordinate the completion and submission of supplies and non-prescription medication orders weekly.
  • Handle fire drill checks and fire extinguisher checks in living unit s.
  • Complete clothing inventories of youth at admission, discharge and as requested according to policies and procedures.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of the group home in accordance with Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home policies and standard.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work:

This is a full-time position, working five days a week which may include weekend hours. Family Teachers are expected to work a flexible schedule based upon the needs of the program and work as many hours as necessary in order to provide a stable treatment environment for the youth.