FlexDSi Makes Generous Offer to UMA Members

Managing client information is always a challenge for our organization’s members.  What if you could receive an application at no installation cost to help manage your information and record needs?  Flex Data Solutions, Inc. (FlexDSi), a UMA Business Partner, is a provider of enterprise level case management and electronic health records (EHR).  Flex has agreed to install a fully functional Flex system for UMA members and associated Methodist health and welfare organizations at no cost for the installation.  This is an extraordinary offer, as their usual installation cost in the healthcare market is $39,500.  Further, to support UMA’s efforts in quality care, FlexDSi will rebate 5% of the revenue collected from participating organizations in this offer to UMA.

Both founders of FlexDSi have decades of practice, management and administration in the nonprofit and public sectors in health and human services, so Flex was built and beta tested from this perspective.  It is, therefore, a “client centric” rather than a business-focused application with a strong emphasis on data acquisition and reporting to support quality improvement of client/patient care. For those who would like to “build” on the basic Flex EHR, Flex DSi will soon have a telehealth module that integrates with the Flex EHR application or any other EHR/EMR.  Additional optional modules can be purchased.  These include a Staff Training module, a donorbase record and automated quality assurance, accreditation, and licensing reports using live data which can be built to your agency’s specifications.

UMA believes this offer will provide an opportunity to acquire an enterprise level IT system at an affordable price.  Organizations currently using Flex include social service and behavioral health agencies that provide adult and/or child/adolescent treatment and rehab services, addiction services and community based counseling and social services.

Chaddock, a UMA member located in Quincy, Illinois was an early adopter of Flex.  Matt Obert, Director of Operations with Chaddock, is willing to discuss their experience and utilization of Flex with interested members.  He may be reached at (217) 592-0351 or mobert@chaddock.org.   FlexDSi can also provide additional information and specifications with respect to this offer.  They will also provide demonstrations at no cost to interested organizations.

Contact: info@flexdsi.com, or phone  253.631.0529 or 760.720.2292