Looking Back and Moving Forward at UMA 

Happy New Year!  

As we wave goodbye to 2023 and say our tearful goodbyes to a beloved member of our UMA family, we begin the new year with overwhelming gratitude for you – our UMA members and business partners. The UMA Board of Directors and staff appreciate your support for, and engagement in, UMA. We thank you for your generous sharing of expertise and best practices with members and peers and your faithful, dedicated work to the people you serve.  

In 2023, we had our largest and most successful UMA Annual Meeting to date in Boulder, CO, which included an inspiring opening keynote delivered by Debbie Reed. UMA offered 37 virtual education and network events last year. Changes to the EAGLE Accreditation process released this past year have been well-received and have positioned EAGLE for growth in 2024.  

As we sweep up the confetti from the start of the new year and brush ourselves off from the loss of a beloved leader, we also look to the future and collectively usher in new resolutions and initiatives.  

Our work and the world continue to be challenging, but together we move forward. We do that best by showing up and reaching out. Just as we know we get stronger and healthier by going to the gym and eating well, we know that we must work together and do our part to achieve the mission and vision of UMA. 

In the coming months, UMA will launch a new brand name (ssshhh, I don’t know yet) and embark on strategic planning too for a forward-thinking vision for our association. 

As UMA continues to strive to promote, inspire, recognize and empower excellence in human service ministries, we invite you to continue this faithful journey with us. If you have been away, get re-engaged. If you are new, come on board and join our family. 

Support your peers, share your wisdom, give your voice, renew your commitment and join us. Doing so will make us all stronger in 2024.