Member Call to Action

UMA Board member Alison Evans, CEO of The Methodist Home for Children and Youth in Macon, GA, sent out a call to action out of deep concern that elements of the Family First Preservation Service Act (FFPSA) will have a significant impact on the residential care services they provide at The Methodist Home for Children and Youth. Her complete message reads as follows:

In recent weeks, our federal government authorized a Continuing Resolution (see link below) to fund the government.  In a very unexpected move, about 48 hours before the vote, legislators tacked on the “Families First Preservation Services Act” (FFPSA) to the Social Security IV-E Act which funds child welfare.  The FFPSA has some positive attributes but will have a significant, course-altering, impact on the residential care services we provide at The Methodist Home for Children and Youth.  As you know, it became law on February 9, 2018.

To summarize the impact, the majority of our kids are placed in residential care by the state and we receive some payment for their care through state and federal funding.  You can imagine the impact of losing the revenue previously provided for these kids.  State/federal funding covers about 80% of the cost of care and we raise the balance from generous folks like you.  With this new law, effective in October 2019, the federal money will be redirected into other forms of care/services.

Strategically, we have already begun to diversify our services by adding community-based foster homes; however, residential care or a “Children’s Home” has been the core mission of our agency as we focus on caring for kids with little family structure in place. However, THERE IS A WAY YOU CAN HELP!

NC Congressman Mark Meadows immediately introduced H.R. 4983, The Caring Homes and Improved Lives for Dependents (CHILD) Act (link below) on behalf of the North Carolina Baptist Children’s Home and other agencies like us.  It essentially amends the FFPSA to say that when a suitable family member is not available to care for the child, a foster home or a “Cottage Home” (i.e. like the care we provide on campus) is a suitable alternative and federal funds CAN be used for this type of care.  This piece of legislation is critical!

 Please take action on two things: 

1)   Call or Write your Congressional Representatives and Senators and ask them to please sign on and support The Caring Homes and Improved Lives for Dependents (CHILD) HR 4983.  (two links below for easy access) When in doubt, call the local office!

Contact your TWO Senators:

Contact your Congressional Representatives:

2)   Forward this email on to your friends, family and church contacts across the nation so we can move this act quickly!

I am grateful to you for speaking up on behalf of our children.  You can make a difference!


Link to full Continuing Resolution which includes FFPSA (515-page document)