New Jersey United Methodist Homes Holds Organization-Wide Celebration

Recognized as one of the top 100 places to work in New Jersey and as one of the Best Nursing Homes by US News and World Reports, the United Methodist Homes of New Jersey recently held an organization-wide celebration. This is the second such event since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and it’s designed to allow staff time to unwind and be recognized for the incredible work they do each day. Magician Kent Cummins was the event’s feature performer.

President and CEO Larry Carlson gave an update on the organization’s strategic plan, including plans for some innovative programs. He highlighted the Wesleyan values that make UMH so unique and quoted a staffer who said, “you never have to win another lottery if you win this one (to work here at UMH).”

Each campus was recognized for the quality ministry that takes place there, and a number of staff received awards for their unique contributions to excellence.

UMH chaplains from each campus led the group in a Blessing of Hands, and Carol McKinley led the group in an original song that has become the organization’s theme.