Our Network Today

UMA is now Methodist Ministries Network. After nearly two years of extensive assessment and discernment of our leaders and members, this exciting announcement of our rebrand from the United Methodist Association of Health & Welfare Ministries to Methodist Ministries Network was announced and unveiled during 2024 Annual Meeting in Greenville, SC.

Our new name best reflects who we are:

  • Methodist leans into our rich Methodist heritage and embraces all expressions of Methodism. We want to honor the Methodist individuals, groups and churches that stepped in to fill the needs of their communities as strong Christian servant leaders.
  • Ministries encompasses our diverse non-profit, faith-based members who minister to people in need. They strive to give them hope, healing and a life of abundance.
  • Network emphasizes our national network of members that serves as a catalyst for connection. Together, our members share, reflect, pray and hold each other accountable for our missions and ministries. We support each other and the association and are united in our mission to promote, inspire, recognize and empower excellence in human service ministries.

The fresh, vibrant, colorful new logo pays homage to the traditional Methodist flame. But like a flower, its colors and petals represent all expressions of Methodism and the variety of ministries within our membership. This dynamic image reflects our passion and celebrates the power of the Holy Spirit who guides our path.

Our association maintains its position as a 501c3 non-profit membership organization independent of international Methodist denominations. We look forward to many years of faith-based service to come as Methodist Ministries Network.