UMA Awards 2020

Mission Award: Mary Ellen Bartholomew - Albright Care Services
Albright Care Services
Mary Ellen Bartholomew, who is now 90 years old, has been faithfully delivering Meals on Wheels for the RiverWoods Senior Living Community since its inception in 1972. Mary Ellen has brought smiles to the faces of hundreds of home-bound individuals. She is sometimes the only friendly face a home-bound individual may see all day. She also has saved at least two lives by calling for help when she discovered someone had fallen and couldn't get to a phone. Her dedicated, 46 years of service to others is a shining example of mission in action.

Mission Award: Burlington United Methodist Family Services - Spiritual Life Program
Burlington United Methodist Family Services
Burlington United Methodist Family Services has partnered with local churches to build relationships through mission in the community. These partnerships help clients feel welcome, valued, wanted, worthy, and appreciated. The connection gives residents stable adult role models, which is something missing in the lives of many of them. The BUMFS commitment to relationship building with the different missions within the Beckley/Daniels Campus community has made a noticeable difference for clients and the agency as a whole, and has prioritized community service as a mission of the spiritual life program.

Mission Award: Debbie Reed and Karen Buckwalter - Chaddock - "Raising the Challenging Child"
Chaddock extended its mission reach with the 2020 release of “Raising the Challenging Child: How to Minimize Meltdowns, Reduce Conflict, and Increase Cooperation,” authored by Debbie Reed and Karen Buckwalter. The entire Chaddock team immersed themselves in the latest research in attachment, early childhood development, brain science, and trauma, while refining and increasing the effectiveness of Chaddock’s approach. For two years, Debbie and Karen worked with the entire team in writing each of the 30 lessons in the book. The book is a celebration for Chaddock, and a testament to Debbie and Karen’s leadership, tenacity, and faith.

Mission Award: Rev. George C. Phillips - Otterbein SeniorLife
Otterbein SeniorLife
Pastor George embodies in his ministry the incarnational theology of Christianity given through Jesus’ example, “God with us.” During his eight years at Otterbein SeniorLife, he has demonstrated inspirational leadership and commitment with his passion of engaging the community around him with an outward-focused eye. Pastor George inspires those he serves, particularly for those nearing end-of-life, to believe in Christ and love others, and to know and accept the Gospel as their Salvation.

Innovation Award: Board of Child Care, Cunningham Children's Home and Florida United Methodist Children's Home - Caminos Nacional
BCC, Cunningham Children's Home and FUMCH
Caminos Nacional leveraged the UMA network of providers, bringing together of three of its child and family serving agencies to cooperatively serve unaccompanied children, to assist in reunifying families and assisting them in their pathway towards asylum. In using the expertise of each agency, BCC, Cunningham Children's Home and United Methodist Children's Home imagine that this innovation will inspire others to discover ways to magnify our impact as a collective network.

Innovation Award: Flat Rock Homes - Adult Program Expansion
Flat Rock Homes
As the only provider supporting intermediate care facility (ICF) residents in obtaining community-based employment at minimum wage or better, Flat Rock is now significantly expanding adult programs by relocating to a new location which allows them to grow their adult day support, non-medical transportation, community integration, vocational training and employment services programs. Additionally, their new community integration program assists residents of ICFs to achieve greater community interaction and engagement outside of the facility. Flat Rock's goal is to offer life-transforming solutions to youth and adults through innovative adult programs.

Innovation Award: United Methodist Communities (NJ) - Tapestries® Program for Dementia Care
United Methodist Communities
United Methodist Communities Tapestries® model of dementia care is a transformational care approach that seeks to manage behaviors through identifying the root cause of an individual's distress. Using a road mapping process and a full team approach that looks for triggers in behavior, they have witnessed significant success in relieving and resolving distress, leading to more peaceful and meaningful life experiences. The Tapestries® model of care has been integrated through all product lines, with key concepts of knowing the person, understanding the full spectrum of needs, and learning how to keep comfort at the center of decision-making.

Best Practice Award: Bashor Children's Home - Lung West Program
Bashor Children's Home
In response to the reality of human/sex trafficking, Bashor opened a program, Lung West, with eight beds specifically for children who have been rescued from the nightmare of trafficking. Staff receive special training for the program, which is designed to help kids find healing and hope in the aftermath of unspeakable trauma. With further expansion on the horizon, the team has embraced God in every aspect of treatment and are "all-in" helping kids whom others have rejected.