UMA Gives Thanks

Dear UMA Family,

The UMA staff and leadership hold you in our hearts this season. We appreciate the work you do each day to better the lives of those you serve. This Thanksgiving, we extend our appreciation to our Development Network members, who work year-round to promote a spirit of giving to meet the unmet needs of vulnerable children, families and seniors in our communities.

The work of John Wesley continues with us. The needs of the poor and vulnerable continue to grow within our local communities, across the country and around the world. Sadly, we need only to watch the day’s news to see the vast devastation wrought by recent floods and fires, and brutality and violence. We are grateful to our UMA and EAGLE member organizations who serve those in need. You continue to fuel the UMA flame of faith, hope and light.

Once again, as we gather in gratitude this season, we invite you to set a place at the table to remember those who have lost their lives this year. Let us give thanks for the compassion and strength that moves people to do the extraordinary. Let us set an extra plate to welcome those who are lonely or suffering. Let us remember to make time to celebrate the simple blessings of shelter and a warm meal. And finally, for a moment, let us set aside our differences, and join in prayer to give thanks for friends and strangers who touch our lives in a positive way each day.

Happy Thanksgiving,