UMA Has a New Logo

Just about everything at UMA is new, so it seems appropriate that we should adopt a fresh, new graphic. But there’s really more to it than that. We recently realized that we are violating several rules for use of the United Methodist Cross and Flame logo which appears on our current brand. We are exploring more appropriate ways to indicate our relationship with the Church, so stay tuned for more information.

The new logo has many symbols in it. At the center is the Cross that shines with the light of Christ. That same light shines through our members to every person you serve. The image itself is a world of possibilities opening for every child, family and older adult you serve. It’s also indicative of a flower opening in full bloom revealing the beauty of a life with Christ at the center. Even the colors are symbolic. There’s green for the newness of life and as a symbol of growth, and there’s blue to remind us of the unlimited horizons that lie before us. There’s purple in remembrance of the suffering many of our residents and clients experience, but also as a reminder that there is forgiveness and redemption through Christ.

For a while, we’ll continue to use both logos, but keep watching Member News for more exciting news.