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Thursday, October 15, 2020 Friday, October 16, 2020 Pre-Recorded Sessions
  Thursday, October 15, 2020
Session Session Title
Session 1
The Transformative Power of Technology
(Live Session Recording [Passcode: 5s8?csc&], BlueOrange Compliance PowerPoint Presentation, iN2L Presentation, Connected Living PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Join a panel of tech experts to explore how technological advancements in robotics, data analytics, telehealth and artificial intelligence are driving solutions to meet the country’s most pressing workforce, social and health care needs.
  • Hear their take on Jack Uldrich’s assertion that organizations must unlearn old ways before they can successfully embrace new ways of doing business.
  • Recognize the potential threats and importance of cyber security as your organization looks to technology to answer simple and complex challenges.
About Our Presenters
Rob Kerr, Managing Director Health and Community Services Practice, Hartman Executive Advisors; John DiMaggio, CEO, BlueOrange Compliance; Sanjeev Shetty, Chief Global and Innovation Officer, Connected Living; Jack York, President/Co-Founder, iN2L; Larry Carlson, President and CEO, United Methodist Communities
Session 2
Disruption Hits! Learn How to Develop a Pivot Plan™ to Drive Your Mission Forward
(Live Session Recording [Passcode: 5?lGrgBX], PowerPoint Presentation. Additional resources: UMA Development Network Monthly Network Call (9-3-20) [Passcode: 3?mir9%!], Pivot the Non-Profit Sector)
  • Build a cohesive action plan that ensures mission fulfillment during disruption and builds a collaborative team culture.
  • Ascertain tools to leverage cultivation and communication with stakeholders and learn creative options for financial planning and process.
  • Align and integrate programming, finance, fundraising, and marketing around mission fulfillment, and demonstrate a call to action for board members.
About Our Presenters
Michelle Cramer, CFRE, AFP Master Trainer, President and CEO, Cramer and Associates, Inc.; Gretchen Colón, MBA, CFRE, Senior Consultant, Cramer and Associates, Inc.; Dawn Robinson, Senior Consultant, Cramer and Associates, Inc.; Mike Schmidt, CFRE, Executive Vice President and Partner, Cramer and Associates, Inc.
Session 3
Transforming the Workplace in the COVID-19 Era
(Live Session Recording (1) [Passcode: Rz$1acOb], Live Session Recording (2) [Passcode: 8U8E0Bv&], PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Create a safe physical work environment and maximize remote technologies.
  • Understand key policies, practices, and legal considerations to protect your workforce and clients.
  • Hear lessons learned from one multi-site organization and how it is using new technology platforms to rethink operations.
About Our Presenters
Henry Moehring, Senior Vice President, Health Care Services and Operations, Asbury Communities; J. Manuel Ocasio, Chief Human Resources and Compliance Officer, Asbury Communities; Jennifer Hilliard, Of Counsel, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
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Friday, October 16, 2020
Session Session Title
Session 1
Innovating in the New Reality: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective
(Live Session Recording [Passcode: PFn^GG0B], PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Understand the need to rethink the way your organization operates, and discover ways to adapt in the new evolving reality.
  • Learn strategies to position your organization for success in a post-Coronavirus world.
  • Dialogue with a multi-disciplinary panel of experts representing operations, development, design, marketing, and finance.
About Our Presenters
Aaron Rulnick, Managing Principal, HJ Sims; Dan Cinelli, FAIA, Principal, Perkins Eastman; Bobby Sumner, President and Co-founder of Retirement DYNAMICS, Inc.; Dana Wollschlager, Partner, Plante Moran Living Forward
Session 2
Exponential Partnerships: Growing Impact Together
(Live Session Recording [Passcode: $XWPA41U], Board of Child Care Presentation, Cunningham Children’s Home PowerPoint Presentation, Florida United Methodist Children’s Home Presentation)
  • Hear how three child and family serving agencies leveraged the UMA network to cooperatively serve unaccompanied children and meet their unique needs.
  • Learn how this initiative challenged each agency’s board to think creatively to build a new structure to support Caminos Nacional, a program that serves to reunite children with families during their path to asylum.
  • Explore how their innovative approach and shared commitment to quality drove these providers to successfully meet the rigorous safe and secure placement standards to serve this critical need.
About Our Presenters
Laurie Ann Spagnola, President and CEO, Board of Child Care; Kelly Berger, Vice President of Special Operations, Board of Child Care; Marlin Livingston, President/CEO, Cunningham Children’s Home; Kitwana McTyer, President and CEO, Florida United Methodist Children’s Home; Debbie Reed, President and CEO, Chaddock
Session 3
Building a Resilient Culture Amid a Nation in Crisis
(Live Session Recording [Passcode: z88Ff1B=], PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Discover ways leaders have gained a deeper understanding of their current organizational culture to provide timely support and address grief, fear and other emotions to build trust and resiliency.
  • Review research and pandemic data insights and results to cultivate a strong culture in the post-COVID setting.
  • Discuss lessons learned through cultural agility, as well as revolutionary and evolutionary approaches.
About Our Presenters
Nikki Rineer, Consultant, Greenstone Mosaic, Carol McKinley, Ph.D., President/CEO, Simpson; William Snyder, Consultant, Greenstone Mosaic
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Pre-Recorded Sessions ON DEMAND LINKS
Going Beyond Age and Income: Understanding Your Organization’s Psychographic Profile
(On Demand Video Presentation, PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Recognize the importance of creating emotional connections with current and potential participants, clients, and residents.
  • Understand the differences between demographics and psychographics, and the relevance of each in marketing.
  • Implement techniques that connect your organization’s story to potential participants and their needs.
About Our Presenters
Roberta Voloshin, Corporate Director of Marketing, United Methodist Communities; Derek Dunham, Vice President of Client Services, Varsity Branding
Maintaining Social Connectedness in a COVID-19 World
(On Demand Video Presentation, PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of social connectedness within long-term care environments.
  • Recognize care delivery and housing models that are conducive to dimensions of social connectedness and wellness.
  • Gain new strategies and concepts that shift the paradigm and ensure social connectivity among elders.
About Our Presenters
Susan Ryan, Senior Director, The Green House Project; John Franklin, Managing Director, Pearl Creek Advisors
Insurance and Risk Management Considerations
(On Demand Video Presentation, PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Evaluate how the insurance market has changed since COVID-19 and the effects on providers.
  • Examine best practices and methods to prepare for emerging risks.
  • Discover innovative technology that lowers risk and attracts competitive insurance pricing.
About Our Presenters
Rafael Haciski, Vice President, Johnson, Kendall & Johnson; Caleb York, Channel Development Manager, VirtuSense Technologies
Attracting Compassionate Talent – What’s Your Strategy?
(Recording from August 12, 2020 UMA HR Network Call, PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Acquire an intentional and original approach to attract and sustain a mission-driven workforce.
  • Develop a workforce planning strategy for staff recruitment and retention practices.
  • Hear a member “case study” of best practices, successes, and lessons learned from a recruitment partnership.
About Our Presenters
Tony Coccitto, Vice President, Eklego Workforce Solutions; Jim Silkworth, Vice President of Human Resources, United Methodist Homes
Navigating the Sea Change of Insurance and Risk
  • Identify industry-validated market conditions and key considerations in structuring an optimal insurance program for the post-pandemic market.
  • Realize tips and insights for future planning through examination of best practices and case studies.
  • Discover an “unlearning” approach that will be critical to exploring new strategies and solutions.
About Our Presenters
Timothy Folk, Executive Vice President, Lockton Companies
Managing Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans through Innovative Care and Payment Models
(On Demand Video Presentation, PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Analyze provider-owned Special Needs Plans (SNP), payment reform, and associated care models for the senior living and care sector.
  • Investigate virtual platforms, tools, and alternative thinking processes for creativity in healthcare delivery models.
  • Understand and apply an innovative mindset and a robust clinical infrastructure to adapt to new changes.
About Our Presenters
Lisa McCracken, Director, Senior Living Research, Ziegler; Amy Kaszak, President of Special Needs Plans, AllyAlign
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