UMA Members Stand Against Racism


Aldersgate and Generations are committed to being Antiracist.
We are going to listen, learn and act.
We will use our unearned privilege
to identify and dismantle inequitable systems
for the benefit of our elders, our staff team members
and our community.

Asbury Communities

Addressing Our Nation's Unrest, Doug Leidig, CEO

Bayview Retirement Community

A message from Chaplain, Juliana Bateman:

My dear Bayview community, I come to you with a heavy heart in light of the most recent act of violence against a person of color by police. Our country has erupted with outrage, sorrow, righteous anger, desperation, confusion- and rightly so.

Context is everything. The history of racist violence against people of color in this country is horrendous. We must not look away, justify, or defend. As Maya Angelou said, "History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage need not be lived again." George Floyd's murder is just the most recent incident. Each of us, needs to work towards justice, in our own hearts, in our communities, and in our country and world.

We stand with George Floyd's family and friends, and all those who are demanding justice and working for systematic change.

May we all listen to others' experiences and views, especially those that are different from our own. May we continue to learn about the injustice that infiltrates every part of our country, and actively work to change it. Talk with your families and friends. Engage them in discussions about racism. Sign petitions. Vote. Speak out.

Our residents and staff of color are an integral part of our community at Bayview. Our diversity is part of what makes us strong. May we continue to honor and cherish our differences.

Juliana Bateman
Bayview Director of Spiritual Care

Board of Child Care

Our purpose and BCC's path forward, LA Spagnola, President & CEO


Chaddock holds strong to the belief that healing and change is possible for the children and families who turn to us for care. We also believe that healing and change is possible in our world when it comes to racial injustice. It starts by recognizing each other, listening to each other and taking action together. We condemn racism. We stand with all people of color. Black lives matter.

Methodist Services

Since 1879, Methodist Home for Children (now Methodist Services) has been working to change the lives of children & families in our communities, bringing hope for a better future. We stand firmly with those who are protesting, demanding change to secure safety & equal justice for everyone. We believe that Black Lives Matter & that it will take the whole country to come together to make this a reality. Thank you for raising your voices! Stay Safe, Stay Strong! Stay Well! Learn more about us

Mississippi Methodist Senior Services

"Recent events have shaken me. As a privileged white male I am ashamed of how white America has treated persons of color. I grieve over the harm that has been done, and I recognize that I, though I don't consider myself a racist, have contributed to that. I have pledged to all of our employees that I will work to see that not only is our workplace non-discriminatory and safe, but that we are actively anti-racist." - Stephen L. McAlilly, President & CEO

The Baby Fold

Commitment to our Mission, Vision and Values
The Baby Fold strongly condemns racism and injustice in all its forms. We are saddened by the pain and frustration in our country, which is now more visible since the tragic killing of George Floyd. These events impact our clients and our community, and we are committed to being an ongoing source of support. We are hopeful that through prayer and perseverance, meaningful change can occur. Since 1902, The Baby Fold has been dedicated to healing, helping, and serving children and families of every race. We stand by our commitment to upholding our mission, vision, and values to bless the lives and the futures of those who need us most.


UMFS shares in the community's tremendous grief following the senseless death of George Floyd, as well as the many other tragic and unnecessary deaths of black Americans that preceded his. As a human and social services agency that provides care equally and without bias to anyone who seeks our support, we're committed to advocating for social justice and equal treatment of all individuals, including people of color.

Inequity is defined as lack of fairness or lack of justice. At UMFS, we strive to overcome both through our work. By helping children, teens, and families build healthy relationships and skills now, we're giving them the tools to self-advocate should they encounter inequities later.

Now is the time for us to support one another. Now is the time to engage in conversations that might sometimes be difficult. Now is the time to listen and to respect our differences through a lens of tolerance, compassion and love. Now is the time for empathy, humility, and reflection. Now is the time.

Injustice is something we won't tolerate, and we stand united with those who believe in the fair and equitable treatment of people of color. We will be part of the movement to end social injustice and are working to finalize next steps on how we can best contribute.

United Methodist Homes

We believe in equality FOR ALL. We see you. We hear you. We support you. We encourage everyone to stay safe and remember to spread love, support and kindness today and everyday.

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