UMA Announces Plans to Pursue a Full Re-brand of its Name and Logo FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UMA deciding to change its name?
After much prayer and consideration, its leadership determined that the association needs a name that better reflects our position as independent 501(c)3 dedicated to serving as a catalyst for learning and sharing best practices among diverse ministries serving older adults, persons with disabilities, and children, youth and families across the country.

Why didn’t the Brand Name Committee pick a name?
The specific charge of the Committee from the UMA Board was to assess the association’s current name and make a recommendation by the end of 2023. The Committee met monthly for eight months and completed their report in July.

What is UMA’s relationship with the Methodist Church moving forward?
UMA has been an independent 501 (c) 3 since 1984. Its roots will always tie back to the Methodist individuals, groups and churches that created heart-led ministries to serve our elders, children, youth, families and persons with developmental disabilities.

Regardless of our organization’s name, our mission remains the same: “To promote, inspire, recognize and empower excellence in human service ministries.”

We remain guided by the Wesleyan tenet to maintain connectional fellowship to study, reflect, pray, share and hold each other accountable for our missions and ministry as Christian, faith-based ministries serving all.

Is this name change in conjunction with the church disaffiliations?
No. Since 2020, “assessing, developing and positioning our association brand faith identity” has been a key pillar of our strategic plan. The name change aims to better reflect our organization’s mission and membership – one that all churches can agree to support. UMA members from across the country continue to partner with all churches of Methodist expressions and other denominations.

What is the timeline for the rebrand?
We are fortunate that the UMA Strategic Plan and the work of the Brand Name Committee have laid a strong foundation for our rebranding work. The UMA Team has already begun the planning process with a goal to change our name in the 2024 calendar year.

As we continue our work, we welcome your thoughts or questions at

Who served on the Brand Name Committee?
The Brand Name Committee was comprised of UMA Board members, Chief Executive Officers, Vice Presidents of Marketing and Communications and Philanthropy from across the country serving diverse ministries. Collectively, the Board and Committee members represent all ministry types and more than 30 percent of the association membership across the country.