UMA Response to a Way Forward

February 3, 2020

United Methodists around the world have been focused on a Way Forward and its implications for the future of The United Methodist Church related to the Church’s stance on human sexuality. The issue of LGBTQ clergy and marriage has for many years created a divide and strong convictions in our religious community. At this point, the debate and process have come to a head in a very public way.

United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries (UMA) is a national association of health and human service ministries. All association members are faith-based and the majority are extension ministries of The United Methodist Church that focus on services to children, families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. The mission of UMA is to promote, inspire, recognize and empower excellence in human service ministries.

Whatever happens with a Way Forward, UMA will continue to focus on our mission to promote excellence in human service ministries. Our members will continue to serve a diverse group of individuals and families including those with differing racial, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds. We believe it is our responsibility to encourage open communication and engage in crucial conversations based on mutual respect, empathy, and love. We believe in a bright future for all served by our member organizations, and we will relentlessly pursue solutions toward this outcome.