UMA Statement Against Systemic Racism

UMA Members are thriving, spirit-centered ministries passionately committed to excellence. Guided by our EAGLE principles, our members strive to serve a diverse group of individuals and families including those with differing racial, gender, sexual orientation, religious and economic backgrounds.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, events during the past three months have revealed in starkest terms another pandemic, and that is systemic racism. Racism is a true public health and human rights issue that threatens the health and wellbeing of black Americans.

Part of the heritage of United Methodism is responding and bearing witness to social injustice. In fact, many of our UMA organizations were formed by the church in response to crisis - whether it was the cholera epidemic, the 1918 flu pandemic, or children who lost parents due to war.

We believe it is our responsibility to engage in crucial conversations based on mutual respect, empathy, and love. We believe in a bright future for all persons who live and work in our communities. We stand with our members who continue to relentlessly pursue solutions toward this outcome.