UMA Supports General Conference Legislation

UMA members cherish our Wesleyan values and embrace the relationships we enjoy with various connectional units of the United Methodist Church. We understand ourselves to be organizations that are related by faith, values and history to the Church that gave birth to us. We also understand and embrace that fact that we are called to serve a higher standard than our secular counterparts. Further, we understand that our constituents expect more of us than they do others.

We want to nurture these relationships, and we want to exceed our own expectations. To use Wesley’s phrase, we want to “go on to perfection.” To do that, we need each other. That’s why UMA exists. To do that, we need the Church. That’s why we want to strengthen our relationship with the Body of Christ.

To these ends, UMA is supporting legislation being proposed to the 2012 General Conference beginning later this month in Tampa, FL. Delegates from around the world will join in worship and fellowship to shape the future of the United Methodist Church. Petition Number 20340-FA-¶2500. To learn more visit this UMA link:

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