UMA Thanks a Dedicated Leader

Jill Myers

UMA and the EAGLE Accreditation Commission express their sincere gratitude to outgoing Director of EAGLE Jill Myers as she returns full-time as Executive Vice President at The Methodist Home for Children and Youth in Macon, GA after more than two years of devoted work for EAGLE.

Myers joined the UMA team as a lease employee in August 2018 in a creative, inspiring collaboration between The Methodist Home and UMA.

“When I realized UMA was in need of an immediate, experienced leader for EAGLE, I instantly knew Jill Myers was the person for this role,” said Evans, CEO of The Methodist Home. “In my opinion, there is no one in the nation more qualified to lead the EAGLE Accreditation program.”

The innovative relationship between UMA and The Methodist Home exceeded the expectations and timelines as Myers served EAGLE during a critical time of growing national recognition for EAGLE.

Over the last two years, Myers has served as a strong, passionate ambassador for EAGLE and its quality standards. She was instrumental in achieving recognition as an approved accrediting body under the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), raising EAGLE’s stature at the state and federal level. She also worked independently to update and improve many aspects of EAGLE operations.

“Jill never hesitated to do the deep, detailed work to sharpen the EAGLE principles and strengthen the EAGLE product,” commented UMA President and CEO Mary Kemper. “She took time to garner feedback from Commissioners, peer reviewers and EAGLE-accredited organizations to suggest improvements without sacrificing quality.”

Myers actively worked to strengthen relationships with organizations seeking EAGLE while dedicating time to coach and cultivate relationships with the EAGLE peer reviewers.

“Over the course of time you meet someone whose talents and enthusiasm find the perfect intersect and are curated for the season we find ourselves in,” said EAGLE Chair Marlin Livingston. “Jill stepped in, leaned forward, and made EAGLE better. I love her passion for our field and her unique-hard to find-skills that streamlined, promoted, and refined the EAGLE Accreditation program.”