UMA Welcomes Manager of EAGLE and Education

UMA is proud to announce and welcome Salome Nengean as Manager of EAGLE and Education. Salome (pronounced suh-LO-mee) will be responsible for the operations, promotion and expansion of the EAGLE Accreditation Program. She also will oversee the education programming to support UMA and EAGLE-accredited communities.

Prior to joining UMA, Salome served as an attorney for the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Des Moines, Iowa where she represented clients on family and immigration issues. She also conducted training for advocates, staff, and clients on emerging immigration and family law issues and trained law clerks best-practices and ethics in client services. Salome has shared that her family has personal connections with the ministries of the United Methodist Church, particularly the Iowa Annual Conference.

“I am thrilled to be part of the UMA team and supporting the mission of this faith-based organization. I look forward to supporting communities on the path to EAGLE accreditation,” said Nengean.

Mary Kemper, President and CEO, states, “We are excited to welcome Salome to our team. Her deep understanding of housing, health and human service issues and her strong organizational, managerial and teaching skill with be a great asset to UMA.”

Salome will work full-time in the UMA Headquarters in Frederick, MD. Her e-mail address is