Underwood Book Now in Paperback

Dr. Lynn Underwood, a keynote speaker earlier this spring at UMA’s Annual Conference in Orlando, created the Daily Spiritual Experience Scale (DSESas a tool to help organizations measure the value of faith. This key component of the Eagle Accreditation Program is essential for UMA member organizations to live our their Methodist heritage.

The book helps readers explore and enhance ordinary spiritual experiences such as awe, gratitude, mercy, giving and receiving love, and a sense of deep inner peace, using responses to sixteen questions, which were originally developed for the Daily Spiritual Experience Scale. These 16 questions have been used in hundreds of studies and projects, and translated into over thirty languages. They have been used by counselors, therapists, nurses, clergy, business people and social workers, and work for those from many religious backgrounds, as well as for those not comfortable in a faith tradition.

Spiritual Connection in Daily Life offers a step-by-step guide to use these questions to cultivate richer, deeper, and more satisfying lives. It presents ways to use the questions in organizational and therapeutic settings. People with many different kinds of spiritual beliefs will find in these questions a common language for communicating with others about the role of spirituality in their lives.

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