Wespath: Investing for Endowments and Foundations

Wespath Investment Management (Wespath) understands the unique needs of endowments and foundations affiliated with The United Methodist Church (UMC), and has a strong history of managing assets on behalf of these entities.

Endowments and foundations exist in perpetuity, and must address the challenge of finding the correct balance of risk and rewards in the management of their assets to support their ability to fulfill their mission for generations into the future.

Wespath’s mission is to enable clients to meet their investment objectives while honoring the values of the UMC. We aim to do this through:

  • Investing in a diversified mix of asset classes containing strategic biases
  • Limiting investments in high-cost, less-liquid alternative strategies
  • Implementing sustainable investment strategies

Unique needs

The investment returns generated by endowments and foundations support mission-aligned programs identified by the sponsoring institutions. Typically, because of their perpetual nature, these organizations will…READ MORE