Why We Gather

United Methodist Association members and business supporters are driven and united by their spirit-centered commitment to excellence.  In April, we gathered for fellowship, shared learning and celebration of UMA’s dedication to enhance the lives of older persons, heal children or help families.  Our members are passionately committed to delivering services that lift up individual lives while seeking to make the world a better place for us all.

Please take a moment to experience the energy of UMA’s 2018 Annual Conference through this video that was graciously gifted by one of our members, United Methodist Communities (www.umcommunities.org).

This video embodies the mission of what UMA is about: UMA members share with one another. Several of our organizations have opened their doors to each other to offer their expertise. Members reach out to one another for guidance with governance, development, branding, technology and workforce issues.

UMA members are thriving, spirit-centered ministries passionately committed to excellence. We gather to promote, inspire, recognize and empower excellence.   We are the UMA family.  How can we work with you?